DEEP: Dancers' Economic Empowerment Program

Spring 2016

How do you plan for the future when you’re living month-to-month? In this DEEP session we discussed the first steps on financial planning and shared resources for managing financial goals. - "Julian Schubach from ODI Financial gave a presentation on Retirement planning. It was a great reminder of how starting young (even with a small amount), can do wonders accumulating over the years."


Finance Tips for Artists

Spring 2017

As an artist, finances are probably the last thing you want to focus on in your practice. That’s why we spoke to two financial experts who have helped our awardees. Julian Schubach is a financial advisor with ODI Financial, which specializes in wealth management and estate planning for successful artists and entertainers as well as many different non-profit organizations. Our Winter Artist Services intern, Kate Bussert, asked them some questions to help artists plan their finances effectively.

Financial Planning Basics for Artists

September, 2018

Julian Schubach, ODI Financial, discusses important topics from the book related to budgeting, accounting, and personal finance. This interactive session featured presentations, a Q&A session, and the chance to mingle and learn more about NYFA.

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