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Clients see risk of correction in bull-market gains

A measure of clients’ risk tolerance dropped to its lowest point since November over concerns that stocks are overvalued and the Trump administration will cause market turmoil, advisers said in this month's Retirement Adviser Confidence Index, Financial Planning's monthly barometer of business conditions for wealth managers.

“I believe Trump’s uncertain governing style and the quick rise of the markets have made clients nervous,” one adviser wrote.

The overall index ticked down half a point to 54.8, and risk tolerance dropped 7.3 points to 52.6.

While the risk tolerance measure dropped as a whole, some planners reported that the bull market had prompted their clients to become more optimistic.

“We started a 100% equities portfolio as an option for our clients,” one adviser said. “Since the markets have been doing so well, a lot of our clients had been asking for something even more aggressive than our 80/20 aggressive portfolio.”

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