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More Opportunities Than Challenges in the Decade Ahead

Increased regulatory burdens, the ascendance of automated investment advice platforms, fee compression and the rising costs of running an advisory practice; the current environment doesn’t bode well for retail financial advisors. Yet, nearly eight in 10 independent advisors expect more opportunities than challenges in the coming decade, according to Schwab Advisor Services’ latest Independent Advisor Outlook Study. Forty-one percent of advisors say the independent model will differentiate most significantly from captive models by offering such services as tax planning, charitable planning and health care planning. “As they widen their set of services, advisors will increasingly be viewed by clients as more than financial planners. They will be the go-to advisors on a diverse range of life planning needs,” said Bernie Clark, executive vice president and head of Schwab Advisor Services. Schwab had a bit of fun with the survey as well. When asked what they would do with $100 and some spare time, 42 percent said they would eat out, 24 percent would go to a sporting match and 14 percent would go to a concert.

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