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NFL Player Helps IRS Catch His Advisor in Tax Scam

Antrel Rolle's tax attorney filed fraudulent tax returns on his behalf and kept the money, Americans biggest financial fear revealed, and Franklin Templeton names a National Retirement Plan strategist.

Former NFL safety Antrel Rolle helped the Internal Revenue Service catch and arrest his former tax attorney, according to Bleacher Report and TMZ Sports. Rolle, who played for the Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants and Chicago Bears during his 11-year career, was allegedly defrauded of at least $1.2 million by attorney Hiram Martin. Martin is accused of filing false tax documents on Rolle's behalf in order to collect refunds, collecting more than $1.2 million between 2005 and 2006 and keeping more than $600,000 for himself. In addition, Harold Sterling, who worked at Martin’s law firm, drafted a letter to Martin stating Rolle gave $2.5 million in charitable donations to the chapel where Sterling was president. The tax fraud was used to create large refunds that were deposited in Martin’s account. Rolle first caught wind of the fraud when the IRS sent him a $2.2 million bill for unpaid taxes in January 2010. Martin, who was fired by Rolle, faces up to 18 years in prison if found guilty.

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