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Spotify Planning Revamp of Mobile Free Service

Following a successful Wall Street debut, Spotify is looking to shake up its most popular product: its free, ad-supported service. Though short on details, Bloomberg is reporting that Spotify plans to update its free tier "to make it easier to use" for mobile users.

Currently, music fans using Spotify Free on mobile devices are heavily restricted in their listening, while also having to listen to ads. Users aren't able to stream specific songs on-demand, though they can listen to an artist, album or playlist on shuffle. Like Pandora, users are also limited in how many times they can skip a song during the course of an hour.

By comparison, free users on desktop can listen to Spotify's entire catalog of tracks on-demand, supported by ads of course. Paying customers get whatever they want, minus the ads.

Making Spotify "easier to use" for freemium mobile customers could mean the company is planning on loosening up those rules to bring them more in line with desktop guidelines. According to the Bloomberg report, the update will give free users quicker access and more control over what they play on playlists, specifically. Spotify declined to comment on the report.

In an SEC filing ahead of its IPO, the company said that it had 159 total monthly active users at the end of 2017, and projects that number to grow to between 198-208 million MAUs by year's end. The company also hopes its $9.99 premium service will have 92-96 million paid subscribers by the time 2019 rolls around.

Spotify's stock, which debuted on the New York Stock Exchange last week, is currently trading at $153 per share.

Users likely won't have to wait long to get the full run-down of changes coming to the mobile free tier. Last week, Spotify announced that it would be announcing something on April 24. Whether this is the star of that show, or a supporting player to a much bigger reveal, remains to be seen.