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‘LinkedIn-Meets-IMDb’ Professional App for Musicians Chooses Atlanta As First City to Launch Outside

Atlanta’s most famous homegrown musicians are household names, and the music industry as a whole is gaining recognition as one of the top scenes in the world. But behind every top hit is not just one artist, but a whole team that made it happen. And for individual musicians, producers, and other music-related professionals searching for those team members or partners, it can be hard to find others in the scene that exactly match your style.

“For a creator, finding your collaborator or your team is the best thing in the world,” says Elmo Lovano, a career drummer and musical director who has worked with artists like Skrillex, Miley Cyrus and Christina Perri. “But there was no database for this — creatives don’t use LinkedIn, and we don’t have an IMDb for music.”

“We needed a social database for the music industry.” To put his theory into practice, in 2017 Lovano launched Jammcard, a Los Angeles-based music professionals network that he describes as a curated LinkedIn meets IMDb meets Instagram, specifically for the music industry.

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