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Articles, white papers, quotes and bylines by Julian


Financial Planning for a Hollywood Strike

How To Save For Retirement Without a 401(k)


Showing Up for Showbiz Folks

A Guide to 401(k) and Your Taxes

10 Things You Should Know About... Annuities

10 Reasons Experts Insist You Must Have a Budget

How to talk to your clients about ESG, Crypto and NFTs

How to Pick an Asset Allocation

Can You Build Wealth Without Using Your 401(k)?

5 Ways Couples Can Work Together on Finances


The 7 Best Ways To Build Generational Wealth

What Is The One Piece of Advice Professionals Give People About to Retire?

10 Surprising Differences Between Retirement Saving & Spending

7 Seinfeld Plotlines You Should Apply to Your Finances -


'When Should Parents Starts Saving For College?'

'Should A 401k Plan Sponsor Take On The Additional Fiduciary Liability Associated With Retirees?'

'Do You Need a Financial Advisor If You Aren't Rich?'


'Only Few Affected By Proposed Democratic Retirement Tax Reform'


'Are 401(k)s Worth It?'

'5-step beginner's guide to investing in index funds'


‘Income planning considerations for Americans approaching retirement’


‘Fireside Chat: Technology, Investing and Alternatives’


‘US Retirement Savings Options are a Disaster’


‘Investing in Your Future as an Artist’


‘Athletes, Creatives and Entertainers – Making the Right Financial and Business Decisions’


'Build a budget to jumpstart savings’


‘Five Financial Planning Strategies for Musicians in 2021’


‘NFT Taxes and Legal Pitfalls’


Top 10 Mistakes When Planning with Art, NFTs and Other Collectables


‘Wealthy Women: Firms Adapt Strategies to Win Huge Market’


‘Tips for Maintaining Good Financial Health as an Artist’


‘Dance/NYC Digital Symposium Seminar’


‘The Profitable Artist Lecture Series – Financial Basics for Artists’


‘The Profitable Artist 2.0’ (Allworth Press)


‘Finance Tips for Artists From Two Professionals’

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